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Shaming Customers Drives Conversions, but at What Cost?

“Don’t put words in someone else’s mouth!” This sage advice from my first-grade teacher has stuck with me. I have my conversational faults, but I’ve steadfastly avoided this transgression. Yet, the gaffe persists in society today, and it’s growing. We need a grass roots campaign to stop the spread. First, let’s adopt a more contemporary […]

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Disobedience: A How-to Guide for Managers and Employees

Somewhere, a manager just ordered an employee to take a questionable action. To do something immoral or stupid. Something that causes harm to customers. There – it just happened again! In less than the time it takes to read this paragraph. Relentless wrongdoing. It happens all over the world. It was a demand to ignore […]

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The Difference Between Loyalty and Habit – and Why It Matters!

If you ask me to define a word, I usually start by describing what it is, or what it means. “A screwdriver is a hand tool used for turning screws and bolts. Also good for opening paint cans. Also, a cocktail made from vodka and orange juice.” Loyalty and comfort are different. These words are […]

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Optimize: Meaningful Math or Over-worn Word?

If you want to become a linguistic maven, or the life of a party, read Made in America – An Informal History of the English Language in the United States, by Bill Bryson. The book is saturated with interesting stories about the origins of everyday words like dashboard, refrigeration, airplane, radio, aquatics, megabyte, jackhammer, jazzercise, […]

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How to Implement a Price Increase

This month, I had a remarkably cruddy customer experience. “So what?” you say. “That’s not unusual.” Agreed. But this foul was so grievous, I worried whether another company might repeat the gaffe. As a professional marketer – as a compassionate human being – I feel duty bound to intercede. If your company is about to […]

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