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Will Today’s Essential Sales Skills Become Obsolete in the Smart Machine Age?

In 2015, nearly four million babies were born in the United States.  Today they are toddlers, and many will be asked what they want to be when they grow up. Expect hesitation. The question will not be as easy to answer as it was for my generation. By the time these kids hit twenty, many […]

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Wells Fargo’s Restitution Must Include Its Fired Sales Employees

Today, there’s a bold headline featured in full-page ads in newspapers across the US. In case you missed it, it’s printed in Wells Fargo red: “Moving forward to make things right.” Contrition, superimposed on a beautiful Western backdrop. In the foreground, a team of six strong horses in full stride pulling a stagecoach. No ethical […]

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Are Salespeople Making Good Bets for Your Revenue Pipeline?

Many years ago, New England Life Insurance, now part of MetLife, developed a series of cartoon ads that was witty and terrifying. Each ad had a formulaic depiction of a person saying the caption, “My life insurance company? New England Life, of course. Why?” The situations varied, but the brilliance was that the reader could […]

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When Does Online Customer Rage Become Unfair?

“Give enough people a computer and a mouse,” Walter Mossberg said, “and you’re bound to get garbage online.” That was 15 years ago, when Mossberg was the principal technology writer for The Wall Street Journal, and before social media became a powerful cudgel for verbal assault. Today, people also hurl anger and its byproducts into […]

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Salesperson Quits Job After Reading Article Explaining Why He’s a Loser

Last Friday, a colleague sent me an email asking me to share some Tweets she had composed. I replied that I would be glad to, but only if I could edit them. To use a musical comparison, she had sent me a dirge, and I wanted to communicate something up-tempo. With the weekend approaching, I […]

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