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Three Things You DON’T Need to Know for Sales Success

In Virginia, the day after Labor Day means back-to-school. A tradition that reminds us that summer has entered its final fade, taking with it the sweet scent of suntan lotion, long days, warm nights, and fireflies. The day means boxy yellow school buses filling the roadways, and thousands of kids heading from home in the […]

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The Modern Sales Force: Too Male to Fail

Companies vanquish competitors by having superior products, and by providing outstanding buyer experiences. But a company I worked for in the 1980’s had neither, and still won a key deal. Through pure serendipity, a competing salesman committed a mistake by assuming a buyer he was working with did not have authority to make a purchase. […]

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Lazy, Uncoachable Sales Rep Produces Record Revenue

Search for the phrase top attributes in sales performers, and you will get about 400,000 results. A harvest that includes blogs, magazine articles, research studies, and white papers. Many of them describing archetypal qualities similar to ones that Kendra Lee, a sales author and strategist, posited in an article, 5 Telltale Signs of All-Star IT […]

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For Young People Starting a Business Career, Sales and Marketing Salaries Lack Sizzle

Hollywood continually brings new expressions into pop culture. “Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” “May the force be with you.” “Show me the money!” This time of year, “Plastics,” the memorably benignant career advice young Benjamin Braddock receives in The Graduate becomes personal to millions of college students engaged in graduation […]

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How to Avoid Landing the Sales Job from Hell

Sometime in the next 12 months, you’re going to experience a back-you-into-the-corner-sign-the-contract-right-now appeal. A full-frontal sales pitch that homes right in on your jugular vein. I gaaaah-ron-teeeeeee it! For what? Used cars? Home security systems? Timeshares in Aruba? No. The hiring speil from the VP of Sales who wants you to work for him, badly. […]

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