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A Future Without Secrets? Why We Need Ethical Data Governance

  Do You Want to Know a Secret?  When the Beatles released this song in 1963, the world was different. Less frantic, and in many ways, blissfully naïve. Listen/ Do you want to know a secret/Do you promise not to tell?, whoa oh, oh Let me whisper in your ear/ Say the words you long […]

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Hate, Bad Product Placement, and Brand Risk

  What keeps marketing executives up at night? A duo of sticky problems: how to create unique product designs that consumers easily recognize, and how to ensure consumers prefer their product, and not ones that appear similar. By solving these two challenges, marketers earn a beautiful gem: brand equity. Enjoy it. Cherish it. But remember […]

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Do Salespeople Lie More Than Other Professionals?

  Compared to other professions, are salespeople disproportionately prone to lying? To reveal the answer, I searched online for most dishonest professions, and was rewarded with several surveys. One study conducted in 2014 listed the top 10 least honest (the number following indicates the percentage of survey respondents who believed the profession trustworthy): Lobbyists – […]

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In the Digital Revolution, Customers Have Nothing to Lose But Their Privacy

“If advances in technology during the industrial revolution swung the balance of power toward the corporation, those of the digital revolution have swung it back toward the customer,” Matt Watkinson wrote in his book, The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences. The precarious balance of commercial power, always teetering and tottering! The effects can be […]

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Is Maximizing Shareholder Value Poisonous?

If you grab your favorite marketing book and boil away process diagrams, statistics, and literary fluff, just two words will remain: create value.  Easy-sounding advice, but for most executives, it’s wicked hard. An ideal place for opportunists to step in and promote simple answers and quick remedies. Business leaders have an insatiable appetite for how-to’s […]

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