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The Difference Between Loyalty and Habit – and Why It Matters!

If you ask me to define a word, I usually start by describing what it is, or what it means. “A screwdriver is a hand tool used for turning screws and bolts. Also good for opening paint cans. Also, a cocktail made from vodka and orange juice.” Loyalty and comfort are different. These words are […]

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Virginia Gives Tesla’s New Sales Model a Faint Green Light

Earlier this month, I visited friends in Beverly Hills, California, and rode in their new Tesla Model S. The car accommodated six adults. Two sat up front, and four snuggled into a back seat designed to hold three. I loved the quiet, and especially the acceleration. If there were celebrities milling about, I didn’t see […]

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Selling: Six Audacious Companies to Watch

“The future ain’t what it used to be,” Yogi Berra once remarked. A perfect advertising tagline for the nascent companies profiled in this article. For them, there’s no staying the course because there’s no course to stay. Their executives can’t use tried and true marketing tactics, and they can’t depend on what’s worked before. Their […]

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How to Make Invisible Value Visible

And now for my next act . . .  in just nine words, I will transform a sack of brown beans into an aspiration. “It’s not a cup of coffee, it’s a lifestyle.” Go me! Try that with artificial intelligence! Over centuries of trade, we marketers have not only mastered principles of supply and demand, […]

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Beep, Beep! Hot Insights from MAVA’s 2016 Crystal Ball Breakfast

Wile E., the hapless Coyote in the Roadrunner cartoon, never gets discouraged – a trait I admire. Give Wile E. credit for his innovative schemes and clever subterfuges to capture the Roadrunner. His horrible results come from his reckless optimism. Wile E. never anticipates anything short of a feathered meal. He prepares one tactic at a time and […]

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