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Fandango’s VIP Club Inspires No Loyalty

I don’t usually blog about my bad buying experiences, but occasionally there’s a debacle that oozes horrible from every pore. When that happens, I take it as a civic duty to write about it. It’s a way to help others avoid the folly I’m about to describe. This incident started last Saturday when I asked […]

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Eight Marketing Gifts I’d Rather Not Have This Holiday Season

With the holidays rapidly approaching, people are beginning to think about the perfect gift to give a partner, friend, colleague, or relative. Best to plan carefully, because we’re regularly enlightened with new insight about which gifts not to give. According to a 2015 Newsweek article, “42 percent of women returned holiday gifts from their husbands (who […]

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A Future Without Secrets? Why We Need Ethical Data Governance

  Do You Want to Know a Secret?  When the Beatles released this song in 1963, the world was different. Less frantic, and in many ways, blissfully naïve. Listen/ Do you want to know a secret/Do you promise not to tell?, whoa oh, oh Let me whisper in your ear/ Say the words you long […]

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Do Salespeople Lie More Than Other Professionals?

  Compared to other professions, are salespeople disproportionately prone to lying? To reveal the answer, I searched online for most dishonest professions, and was rewarded with several surveys. One study conducted in 2014 listed the top 10 least honest (the number following indicates the percentage of survey respondents who believed the profession trustworthy): Lobbyists – […]

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Disobedience: A How-to Guide for Managers and Employees

Somewhere, a manager just ordered an employee to take a questionable action. To do something immoral or stupid. Something that causes harm to customers. There – it just happened again! In less than the time it takes to read this paragraph. Relentless wrongdoing. It happens all over the world. It was a demand to ignore […]

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