Contrary Domino, Inc. helps companies manage revenue risks in four categories:

1. new customer acquisition – target marketing, pipeline management, prospecting and lead generation
2. customer retention – account management, loyalty programs, managing churn
3. revenue growth – managing boundary risk, revenue modeling
4. reclaiming lost accounts

Among the challenges our clients face in achieving sales targets:

  • Avoiding disruptions that affect revenue, and responding quickly to events.
  • Developing and implementing marketing communications plans.
  • Avoiding social media and ethical disasters.
  • Ensuring accuracy of key marketing information, and making sure it’s protected.
  • Managing intellectual properties.
  • Ensuring supply-chain responsiveness.
  • Monitoring emerging trends and forces.
  • Maintaining sales-force readiness.

What, exactly, is revenue risk? In a nutshell, uncertainty toward achieving a goal. Many forces exert pressure on revenue achievement, so it’s not surprising that within a company, revenue risk looks different, depending on who views it.

CFO’s are concerned with reducing variability of outcomes such as profits or financial returns. Compliance officers are concerned with penalties for not adhering to laws and regulations. Production and customer-support staff worry about product product availability and quality. IT departments focus on data integrity and making sure that e-commerce, CRM, and  product fulfillment systems don’t fail. And sales management concentrates on meeting revenue commitments – monthly, quarterly, and yearly. That means ensuring the sales organization runs efficiently, and making sure new lead volume can cover what’s likely to spill from the sales funnel.

Contrary Domino Partners understands revenue risks from end-to-end, and enables clients to improve  financial performance by managing the ones that are the most consequential.